Rustic accommodation, African styled restaurant and the beautiful gardens of Thayu is just the beginning of what we have to offer as an establishment.  Even though we provide a great atmosphere for dining, meetings and comfy stays; there is more than what meets the eye. In fact, we believe there are literally hundreds of fantastic reasons to come stay with us. But here is what really stands out.


  1. Culturally Authentic



As an African getaway & retreat center, we have carefully cultivated some of the most inspiring cultural identities that represent a rich Kikuyu folklore. Our beautiful mature flower gardens, the five Kikuyu inspired cottage huts (also known as roundvales) and the farm itself go a long way to reinforce our proud history and traditions.

In meal experiences, the exterior settings and interior decor of our cottages & the restaurant, we still hold true to our original identity. Even our name “Thayu” which means peace is a clear-cut indication that we really want to preserve the beautiful parts of the Agikuyu traditions.


  1. Dining from our own Fresh produce.



Being a farm hotel, we have lived true to our name. We believe that nothing brings family and friends together like good food. Guided by delicious family recipes with a twist of international cuisines, all our food is prepared using the freshest local ingredients – either from our farm or from the local neighborhoods farms. We also milk our cows twice a day for that farm-fresh goodness.

  1. Family Friendly – and a Couples Haven  


The general consensus from our past customers is that Thayu gardens provide some of the best playing fields for the kids and our cottages compliment their stays. Each of our cottages can host up to a family of four with a large spacious seating area, 2 separate bedrooms, and a small kitchenette. The cottage huts have a terrace area & are fully furnished with the requisite amenities to make your stay a memorable one. Then there are our standard double rooms which are carefully designed for couples and with a little touch of extra furnishing, we make it you ultimate romantic home.

  1. Closer to what matters


Escaping away from home is scary sometimes. What if something goes wrong, you say?  We have your worries at bay. Our Farm Hotel is strategically located close to what actually matters to you and your loved ones. There is a police station about 200M away from the hotel rendering our property one of the most secure place to stay or visit. We also have our own in-house security personnel allowing to focus on having fun. We also have Free Internet allowing to keeping working on your business projects or share your experiences with the people who matter most – family & friends.

The large indigenous trees & the neighboring coffee plantations create a beautiful serene outdoor atmosphere giving our visitors a true feeling of home away from home. There is a Sub-county hospital less than a kilometer away in cases of an emergency and a golf club right opposite our property to extend your playtime.

  1. Our Customers Service goes above and beyond.


We are the best of our peers in customer service. That’s according to TripAdvisor, the largest travel reviews website in the world. Of all the hotels in Limuru and its neighborhoods, we have clinched the top position thanks to the love and loyalty from esteemed customers. We intend to keep it that way by regularly re-inventing offerings and improving our customer service.

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