The History of Thayu Farm Hotel

Thayu Farm Hotel is a place with a unique taste of history in its every breath. The land on which it sits has the original title in the name of King George VI.

The farm house which already existed boasts rich colonial history and was constructed in 1948 during the second world war. It is rumored that highly decorated colonial military soldiers used the house severally for intelligence briefings. Being a hidden gem, it was the perfect place for the soldiers to get away from tactical retreats without drawing attention to themselves. This is now a farm café where many memorable dining experiences have been held.

The log cabin which will be used as the venue for our Brazilian-themed event this weekend; was designed and built as a classic building made from antique wood recycled from the horse barn that dotted the landscape in the early days.

Over time it evolved with various settler owners until it changed hands to the first African owner, Doc, in 1986. He made it home for his family where they lived for many years. The journey towards a boutique hotel began with the construction of cottages which were a labor of love, designed by Doc and his late brother Charles.

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