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Kiambethu Tea Farm

Located 5km from Thayu farm hotel, the tea farm provides spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro and the Ngong hills as the lush acres of tea plantations vanish in the horizon.  Being the first to venture into the tea business, two English families, Mitchell & McDonnell built the Estate in the early 1900’s.  A typical Kiambethu tea farm day tour includes; Lunch, pickup from your hotel in Tigoni and drop-off to your hotel or residence, a local history lecture and a walk in the forest and tea plantations.

Limuru Country Golf Club

Set-up right next to our hotel, Limuru Golf & Country Club is a beautiful lush and scenic golf course which only a 30 minutes’ drive from Nairobi city centre It is one of the top ten best golf courses in Kenya & among the leading in Africa. The 18-hole club is simply one of the best in terms of hospitality and friendly members. Apart from golf it boasts of a heated swimming pool, cricket, squash and bowling facilities. The views of the golf course from the clubhouse are stunning and unforgettable.

The Dam Redhill

Located on Limuru Road, the Dam Redhill is an 8km journey from our hotel! It is of the most mind boggling places you can visit in Limuru with a myriad of fun activities to indulge in including floating restaurant, zip lining, bike riding, camping & picnic sites as well as boat riding & sport fishing. Carry your bikes if you are up for the challenge of a 20km track that you can circle around.

Tigoni Tea Plantations

Enjoy a walk or a drive through across the endlessly rolling carpets of lush green tea plantations. And whether it is sunny or misty or cloudy, it all gives an awesome shading to the tea landscape. They create a unique place to visit and if possible spend a day or two to learn more about tea from the tea nursery, planting, maintaining tea tables (the green carpet ), plucking , pruning and finally a visit to the tea factory itself to see the end product.

Red Hill Art Gallery

Spend a day at the Red Hill Art Gallery, a 10 minutes drive from Thayu Farm Hotel via Kabuku-Tigoni Rd and Limuru Rd. Owning a large collection of African artwork, the gallery was built to be light and airy, tucked away in a beautiful garden with views of the Nairobi skyline. It provides a stunning and wholly appropriate space devoted to passion for African Art.

About Tigoni

Tigoni is a small, leafy green suburb in Kiambu that is home to a small affluent community of both locals and expatriates. The green leafy highlands coupled with a cool climate provide a fertile land for tea growers. Set in a serene and quiet area bordering Limuru town & Karuri –Ruaka Neighborhoods, it remains just 30 minutes from the City Centre. Tigoni is majoring a tea growing zone buts its slowly growing into high-end residential area with a range of small local & white settlements across. For adventure lovers, there a lot of spots for horse riding, wine and cheese tasting sessions & cycling trips.